Top 11 Alternatives to Vonage You Must Consider for Your Business in 2024

Some of the top Vonage alternatives are Zixflow, Dialpad, RingCentral, Nextiva, Ooma Office, Zoom, GoTo Connect, 3CX,, JustCall, and Aircall.

Top 11 Alternatives to Vonage You Must Consider for Your Business in 2024

Do you sometimes feel the need to talk to a business when learning about its products or reach out to its support team whenever you come across an issue?

The same is the case for your customers. Pairing voice calls and video conferencing with traditional marketing channels can allow you to deliver an overall customer experience.

Having said that, Vonage is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) platform that lets you incorporate voice and video calls into your inbound or outbound sales strategy. Plus, it enables you to utilize its messaging APIs to run personalized email and SMS initiatives for engaging your customers.

Although Vonage is a great tool for running your outreach campaigns, there are other platforms available that you can consider or that might be a better match for your business.

That’s why, here are some of the best Vonage alternatives that you should go over before you make a purchasing decision. So let’s get into it!

Top Vonage alternatives to choose for your business

Below are some of the top Vonage alternatives for you to choose from based on your business’s marketing requirements. 


Zixflow is a multi-channel engagement and marketing platform built to provide you with robust capabilities to enhance your communication. With Zixflow, you can run tailored promotional campaigns, deliver relevant content, and offer customer support to your contacts, all from a single solution.

Various marketing channels that Zixflow supports.

That is not all. Zixflow uses an AI-powered delivery engine. For example, if one of the operators goes down, the AI can dynamically switch to a different one to ensure your messages are delivered with maximum efficiency. 

Furthermore, being an AI-driven solution, Zixflow lets you craft highly personalized and relevant emails with its AI Wizard. This way, you will not have to spend time thinking about the perfect subject line or email body as the system can do that for you within seconds, allowing you to incorporate various types of content in your sales engagement

Zixflow’s AI Wizard allows you to generate tailored email content in a matter of seconds.

On top of that, with Zixflow, you can use a unified API for executing multiple marketing campaigns. In some platforms, you have to use individual APIs to run specific types of campaigns but now with Zixflow. It enables you to utilize a single API for all your communication needs. And to set up this API, it offers comprehensive API docs so you can do so yourself without needing external help.

Zixflow’s unified API docs to set up your messaging API.

Now you might wonder whether you will need any technical or coding knowledge to set up and run campaigns in Zixflow. 

The answer is no because Zixflow comes with no-code campaign builders to set up and start sending messages to your customers. You just need to enter the required information in the relevant fields and the system can take care of the rest. 

The no-code campaign builder of Zixflow that you can use to run outreach campaigns with ease.


Zixflow has been a freemium tool and will remain one with its Free Forever plan. You can kickstart your outreach initiatives by simply creating a free account, adding your audience’s information, and selecting a message template you want to use. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to use the platform and want to make the most of it, you can check out Zixflow’s YouTube channel which contains video guides, or go through our Help Center. These resources will allow you to utilize the full potential of the platform.


Dialpad is an AI-driven outreach solution that comes with advanced VoIP calling capabilities to make sure your team members are on the same page. It includes a suite of three features, Dialpad Contact Center for handling your contacts’ data, Dialpad Talk for making calls, and Dialpad Sell to automate your sales calls, giving you all-around marketing functionalities.

Dialpad, an AI-powered Vonage alternative.

In addition to that, the software includes the latest marketing features such as live call transfer. Plus, with its robust reporting dashboard to monitor your incoming and outgoing calls. Along with that, you can connect with your existing third-party applications like MS Office, GSuite, Zendesk, and Salesforce, allowing you to streamline your operations from a single platform.


Dialpad offers different plans for its Voice, Meetings, Contact Center, and Sales functions. You will have to get in touch with its sales team for more details.


RingCentral is one of the popular UCaaS platforms that includes a contact center feature to easily reach out to your contacts via messages and calls using their virtual phone numbers. On top of that, it provides video calling functionality to boost your sales engagement and deliver your sales pitch on a much more personal level. 

Also, RingCentral provides other modern functions like AI-driven analytics, AI-generated video and call transcripts, and IVR, allowing your customers to interact with your business.

RingCentral, an AI-first Vonage alternative.

With RingCentral, you can promptly get started with your call center to begin transmitting calls and messages from unified software. 

Not only that. If you are using Microsoft Teams, you can integrate it with RingCentral to manage your messages, calls, and faxes from the platform. By doing so, you can make calls from your PC by using RingCentral’s native dial pad present in the Microsoft Teams’ dashboard.

Additionally, apart from calls and messages, you can schedule video conferences that are paired with AI to optimize your engagement and provide detailed points on what happened during it.


RingCentral’s pricing varies based on the product you are choosing and number of users you want to add to your plan. You have to visit its pricing page for more details on the cost.


Nextiva is a solution that streamlines outreach along with operations, automation, and insights. It is built to allow you to converse with customers and make use of relationship-selling strategies to drive revenue.

Nextiva comes with multiple marketing channels like calls, messages, live chat, and videos. This way, you can engage contacts across their favorite channels and provide an all-around customer engagement experience to boost sales.

Nextiva, a cloud-based VoIP business phone system.

With Nextiva, you can set up VoIP business numbers with the latest functions for seamless operations. Also, you can monitor all of your communications from one solution. 

Plus, the video conferencing capabilities of the platform help you ensure your team and customers are connected. Using this feature, you can set up meetings and interact with your contacts effectively. 


Nextiva offers special plans for its business communication suite. These plans include a maximum of four users and start at $23.95/user/month and go up to $37.95/user/month.

Communication suite to fit all your needs

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Ooma Office

The next Vonage alternative in this list is the Ooma Office. It is an easy-to-use, online calling and video platform that lets you boost internal teamwork and employee efficiency. It offers you the ability to work from wherever you want with its PC software, mobile application, and video conferences.

Homepage of Ooma Office, a Vonage alternative.

With its mobile application, your team members can leverage the flexibility of making sales calls from their own phones. On top of that, it is very easy to get started with Ooma Office. You don’t require much technological know-how to get used to it. 


Ooma Office offers three business phone plans. The Essential starts at $99.75/account/month, the Pro plan costs $124.75/account/month, and the Pro Plus one is priced at $149.75/account/month


Zoom is one of the most renowned solutions when it comes to video conferencing. With its primary objective of offering smooth video engagements, it provides robust functionality to make the most of your interactions. 

In addition to its video calling features, it offers extra communication modules like Zoom Phone, Zoom Contact Center, and Zoom Events so you can manage your customer engagement to increase sales from a single platform. 

Zoom, one of the most popular video and voice-calling platforms.

If you want to use Zoom for your voice calling needs, you can get the Zoom Phone, an easy and user-friendly cloud-based phone solution. With it, you can connect to your customers from anywhere, and address their issues quickly. 


Zoom is a freemium platform that comes with three paid plans along with its free package. These are as follows:

  • Pro - $149.90/year/user
  • Business - $219.90/year/user
  • Business Plus - $269.90/year/user

GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect is a complete conversation platform designed for startups and small-sized businesses. Using its built-in text and call scheduling features, you can seamlessly plan your outreach without wasting time going back and forth with the customers. 

GoTo Connect, an all-in-one communication platform.

GoTo Connect is an online phone solution that lets you include toll-free numbers in your sales engagement model. Using these toll-free numbers, your customers can effectively get in touch with you without having to worry about high call charges. 

Furthermore, you can automate your calling with advanced features like tailored call routes, that you can build using its visual Dial Plan Editor. You can also set up auto-responders and assistants to interact with incoming calls if you are not able to attend them. 


GoTo Connect offers two straightforward pricing options; Basic which starts at $27/user/month and Standard which costs $32/user /month.


3CX is communication software designed for companies of various shapes and sizes. 3CX has a native phone system with features such as video calls and call queues. On top of that, you can connect your online live chat and Facebook messages with the platform to manage them effectively from one location.

3CX, a Vonage alternative that lets you connect your teams and customers.

With 3CX, you can get different phone numbers apart from your personal ones so you can keep your business and personal communications separate.

Also, using its SMS and WhatsApp modules, you can reach out to customers using business numbers. This way, neither you nor your team has to provide their personal phone numbers for business-related processes


3CX offers a Free plan that a maximum of 10 people can use at once. However, if you want to upgrade to a premium package for more features, the Small Business plan starts at $175 per system. 

The higher tier plans for 3CX include Professional costing $145 per system and the Enterprise one is priced at $180 per system. All of these plans are billed annually.

Make the most of our communication platform

Use Zixflow, a multi-channel communication solution for delivering an all-around customer engagement

Get in Touch is an online phone solution to handle mobile messages, integrations, voicemails, video calls, and SMS. It is one of the top cloud-communication business phone providers that concentrates on startups and solopreneurs., a great Vonage alternative.

In addition to that, provides the same advanced functions that you get from enterprise-grade phone systems but at a much more economical cost. Plus, you get a no-cost number for every account and you can get a paid number. Not just that. You can tailor your local or toll-free number for your outreach needs.

Pricing offers three pricing packages, Basic costing $12.74/month/user, Plus starting at $18.69/month/user, and Pro priced at $27.19/month/user


JustCall is a solution built to optimize your marketing conversations. Using its robust integration ability, you can connect with more than 100 external sales CRMs and support central solutions.

A major aspect of JustCall that makes it one of the best Vonage alternatives is the fact that it offers you the capability to combine your communications and manage customer needs using its AI-driven reports, making it a great business phone system.

JustCall, an AI-driven customer conversation solution.

Moreover, JustCall includes all the necessary features you need to streamline your communications. For example, its sales dialer is one such feature that lets you execute flexible voice call initiatives automatically to reach out to more prospects.

Also, you can run tailored SMS campaigns that are both relevant and compelling, converting contacts to sales-qualified leads. And encourage them further to make a purchasing decision. 


JustCall comes with three paid and one custom plan to meet your communication needs. These are as follows:

  • Essentials - $19 per user/month
  • Team - $29 per user/month
  • Pro - $49 per user/month
  • Business - A custom plan that needs at least 10 users for a quote.


Lastly, Aircall is a client conversion and marketing solution, engineered for sales and customer assistance reps. It is a complete online voice platform that is simple, dependable, and connects with most of the CRM and other business platforms. 

Aircall, a Vonage alternative for sales and customer support teams.

A feature that makes Aircall stand apart from other platforms is its UI. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get started with the platform and allows you to get used to it without needing a lot of technological knowledge. 

Besides that, Aircall comes with the latest routing functionality to help you build a tailored flow for all your incoming calls, making sure they are assigned to the correct department or representatives. 


Aircall has a license-based pricing structure, where each license is a user and you need to have a minimum of three users for each plan. The Essentials plan costs $30/license (3 licenses for $1080, billed annually) and the Professional plan starts at $50/license (3 licenses for $1800, billed annually).

Choose the best Vonage alternative for your outreach needs

No doubt, Vonage is an excellent tool for managing your communications with its voice, video, and messaging capabilities. However, you should not pick a platform simply because of its feature set. 

You need to consider your needs and decide on what you want to accomplish by using a solution before you go ahead and make a commitment. 

That being said, you should try out these solutions and utilize their free plans or trials to find out the right match for your unique requirements. And one of the dynamic solutions that let you run your AI-driven sales engagement campaigns is Zixflow.

It is a full-fledged solution that includes a native CRM, multichannel communication capabilities, sales cadences to automate your engagement, and a powerful reporting dashboard to keep an eye on your campaigns. 

On top of that, it’s free! You don’t need to pay anything to get started with that platform. So create a free account and start engaging customers on their preferred channels with Zixflow.

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