WhatsApp Business Promotional Messages: Best Ideas, Examples, & Templates

The best WhatsApp Business promotional message ideas include sending exclusive deals, seasonal offers, and flash sales to boost your chances of getting customers.

WhatsApp Business Promotional Messages: Best Ideas, Examples, & Templates

You receive countless messages or emails about a product or service every day. From morning to night, there is a constant flow of promotional messages from businesses you may or may not have heard before. 

From a customer’s perspective, all these promotions can get a bit frustrating if done incorrectly, but as a business, you have to reliably get your offerings in front of your prospects. 

This is the reason why promoting your products and services is crucial for growing your business. One of the best channels you can use for promoting your business is WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business Platform is a renowned communication channel that businesses worldwide use for sending promotional messages. 

However, when it comes to WhatsApp, you can send a variety of promotional messages depending on your business, product, and the situation revolving around them. So it can get a bit confusing if you are new to WhatsApp. 

That’s why in this article, I am going to explain to you what WhatsApp Business promotional messages are, their benefits, and the different kinds of messages you can send to your prospects to increase your chances of getting a conversion. So, let’s get started!

What are WhatsApp Business promotional messages? 

As the name suggests, WhatsApp Business promotional messages are the messages you send to your prospects with the sole reason of showcasing your product and getting a purchase. You can use these messages to update your contacts about upcoming sales, exclusive deals, product launches, and festive discounts.

Unlike other traditional marketing channels where you get a lot of leeway when it comes to sending promotional messages, WhatsApp strictly prohibits you from spamming promotional messages. This is to protect its users from malicious messages and ensure they get appropriate promos from credible businesses, tailored to their needs. 

Benefits of sending promotional messages on WhatsApp

There is a reason why WhatsApp has become such a popular business communication channel over the last few years. So much so that 50 million businesses use it to engage their customers. With that said, there are multiple advantages of using WhatsApp for promoting your offerings. Here are a few of these benefits:

One-to-one conversations

WhatsApp is a two-way communication app that not only lets you promote your product but also allows your recipients to reach back to you. This customer-centric selling approach enables you to deliver a 1:1 personalized experience. 

Better engagement & open rates

WhatsApp boasts a solid 98% open rate of its messages. This number is unprecedented in the marketing industry. 

This goes to show that almost all of your marketing messages have the potential to convert prospects into customers, something other marketing channels can only hope to achieve, making WhatsApp the perfect platform for running your promotional campaigns.

Highly-engaging messages

As I mentioned above, WhatsApp enables you to send numerous kinds of content to engage your prospects and boost interactions. For example, you can send promotional messages that contain text, photos, gifs, videos, docs, and files to ensure you send all the necessary information your prospects need for making a purchase.

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Best WhatsApp Business promotion messages with templates 

By now you must have understood why running promotional campaigns on WhatsApp is so beneficial for boosting revenue and scaling your business. 

Having said that, let’s explore some of the promotional message ideas that you can utilize in your WhatsApp marketing along with the ready-to-use templates. 

Exclusive deals 

One of the most used types of WhatsApp promotional messages, exclusive offers allow you to send tailored messages based on the needs and past behavior of your contacts. 

Exclusive offers are a great way to promote your products in a personalized manner, where you can interact with your customers using relevant deals and increase your chances of getting more conversions.

A WhatsApp promotional message example of an exclusive deal sent by AJIO.


Hey [Name],

Here’s something special just for you! Enjoy exclusive discounts on [Product/Service] that you won't find anywhere else. Whether it's treating yourself or finding the perfect gift, now's the time to shop! But hurry, these deals won't last forever! 

Seasonal offers

Another of the most common promotional messages is seasonal or festive offers. Using these offers, you can create a sense of urgency by promoting your products at a discount. 

Seasonal offers on WhatsApp have a particularly high success rate because you can promote your product and complete the payment without ever leaving the app. 

An example of a seasonal offer message on WhatsApp.


Hey there, [First Name]! 

Get into the festive spirit with our amazing seasonal offers! Enjoy [Product/Service] at [discount rate]% off just this [season/occasion].  Limited time only! 

Product launches

Sending promotional messages about new products on WhatsApp is an effective way to generate hype about product launches and start getting pre-orders. 

As I mentioned, WhatsApp is an excellent platform for building brand awareness as billions of people use it on a daily basis. So product launch messages can be a great addition to your WhatsApp marketing strategy for informing your potential customers about your new product or service.


Exciting news [Name],

We've just launched [new Product/Service] - the ultimate solution to [customer problem or need]. We've poured our hearts into creating something truly special, designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Be the first to experience innovation at its best! Pre-order now and be ahead of the game! 

Back-in-stock offers

Sometimes your customers may not get the product they are searching for as you run out of stock. This is particularly the case if you are an ecommerce business. So to inform your customers about products being back in stock, you can use the back-in-stock messages. 

On top of that, you can offer special deals to customers who checked out your store and the products were out. This way, you can retarget your contacts with the right products and give them an exclusive discount for the wait. 


Great news [Name], 

Your patience has paid off because your favorite [Product/Service] is back in stock! Don't miss the chance to grab it before it's gone again! Order now to secure yours. 

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Flash/limited-time sales

Limited-time sales, also known as flash sales, are a great opportunity to boost your sales in a short amount of time. Using these messages, you can utilize the principles of sales psychology to impact the subconscious mind of your customers by creating the feeling of FOMO. 

A limited-time sale example from Lenskart.


Hurry [Name], 

Get [discount percentage]% off on [Product/Service] before it's gone! Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to save big. Act fast, you have limited time only! 

Post-sale suggestions

Upselling or cross-selling is a sales technique that you can use to recommend suitable products to your customers 

By sending post-sale WhatsApp messages, you can market your other products that are related to the ones your customers have bought. These messages enable you to upsell additional products and, at the same time, allow your customers to make the most of their purchases. 


Hi [Customer’s Name]! 

We hope you're enjoying your recent purchase of [Product/Service]. Did you know that [related Product/Service] complements it perfectly? Enhance your experience with this hand-picked suggestion just for you. 

Abandoned cart messages

Many times, your prospects would add items to the cart but leave without completing the payment process. So to get those cart orders converted into sales, you can run abandoned cart WhatsApp campaigns. 

An abandoned cart message example.


Hello [Prospect’s Name], 

We noticed you left something behind in your cart. Don't worry, we saved it for you. Complete your order of [Product/Service] now and enjoy [offer/discount] as our way of saying thank you. Click the link to complete your order.

Loyalty-based discounts

Getting repeat purchases from your existing customers is much easier and more affordable than acquiring new ones. That being said, one of the ways to promote your product and get repeat business is by using loyalty-based discounts. 

You can send WhatsApp messages, offering discounts to your current customers to show your gratitude for their patronage. These kinds of offers will make your customers appreciate your business and will allow you to build rapport with them. 


Dear [Name],

We're delighted to offer you an exclusive [discount percentage]% off on your next purchase for being our valued customer. You mean the world to us, and we want to show our gratitude in the best way possible. Use code [LOYALTY CODE] at checkout and enjoy your special discount today. 

Ready to boost sales using these WhatsApp Business promotional messages?

Using the right promotional messages on WhatsApp, you can greatly boost your sales by sending tailored promotions to your audience and driving success for your business. Each of these messages will enable you to showcase your products or services properly in front of your customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

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