10 Crazy Sales Incentive Ideas & Examples to Keep Your Sales Team Always Motivated

Rise above the competition by empowering your team with extraordinary incentives and rewards. Incentives that fuel ambition, foster growth, and inspire greatness.

10 Crazy Sales Incentive Ideas & Examples to Keep Your Sales Team Always Motivated

Sales team motivation is crucial for their performance and overall success.Incentives serve as powerful motivators that inspire your sales team to perform at their best. Multiple sales incentive ideas can be implemented to motivate your sales team and fuel their drive for success, going beyond traditional incentives.

Offer rewards and recognition for exceptional sales performance and create a sense of enthusiasm and drive within your team members.

Incentive ideas for sales help align the goals of your sales team with the objectives of your organization. 

By tying incentives to specific targets and metrics for sales efficiency, you ensure that your team's efforts are focused on achieving the desired outcomes.

By creating friendly rivalries and recognizing top performers, you encourage individuals to push their limits and outperform their peers. This competitive spirit can lead to increased productivity and innovation.

Let's explore some ideas to help you generate the ideal sales incentive for your team.

8 Best sales incentive ideas & examples to keep your sales team always motivated

Let me give you an example of a salesperson who lost an important sale and talked to his sales lead about it. 

“It just proves that you can lead a horse to the water, but you can not make him drink.”

The sales manager told him that your job is not to make him drink. It’s to make him thirsty.

“Make A Customer, Not A Sale.“

The sales manager, recognizing the young salesperson's dedication and potential, motivated him with words of encouragement which acted as a compelling incentive. This thoughtful gesture from the sales manager not only boosted the young salesperson's morale but also ignited an even greater passion within him.

Arum M, with his sales manager

So incentives and rewards are not always material, at times words of wisdom and support do more than a materialistic reward ever can! 

Here is a list of incentives that you can use to charge up your sales team. 

Travel incentives

Travel incentives can be highly motivating, as they offer an exciting reward for exceptional performance. Reward top performers with a trip to an exotic destination, an industry conference, or a team-building retreat. This not only recognizes their achievements but also fosters team bonding.

For example, Airbnb offers its employees an annual travel stipend that they can use to book accommodations anywhere in the world. This encourages employees to experience different destinations and cultures.

Providing travel incentives to your sales team can indeed be an effective way to motivate and refresh them, leading to improved performance, better understanding of sales psychology and thus, increased sales. Incentives can serve as powerful tools to boost morale, create healthy competition, and drive desired behaviors among sales professionals.

The magic of experiential travel

Discover how experiential travel incentives can captivate your sales team's imagination. From immersive cultural encounters to thrilling adventures. Unlike traditional travel incentives that focus solely on luxurious accommodations and relaxation, experiential travel offers participants unique and immersive experiences that create lasting memories.

Destination spotlight

Explore a hand-picked selection of incredible destinations that are sure to ignite your sales team's wanderlust. From tropical paradises to bustling cosmopolitan cities.

For example, Bali, Indonesia: Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and spiritual traditions. Your sales team can indulge in luxurious beach resorts, explore lush rice terraces, visit ancient temples, and partake in rejuvenating spa rituals. Bali's serene atmosphere and stunning landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for team bonding and relaxation.

This will also help your sales team develop a creative outlook towards work and give them new ideas to impress the prospects

Customizing travel incentives

Learn how to tailor travel incentives to match individual preferences and maximize their impact. By tailoring travel incentives, you can create personalized experiences that resonate with each team member, increasing their engagement and driving exceptional performance. 

Personalized rewards

It is important for you to use sales motivation tips for the growth and development of your team. Allow your sales team to choose their own rewards based on their preferences. This can range from high-end gadgets and electronics to designer fashion items, allowing each individual to select a reward that resonates with them.

For example, Facebook offers personalized rewards to its employees. They have a program called ‘Facebook Stars’ where employees can earn stars for their achievements, which can then be redeemed for various rewards.

Sales teams can earn rewards with Facebook Stars.

Reward options catalog

Create a comprehensive catalog of reward options including high-end gadgets, electronics, luxury experiences, fashion items, travel vouchers, wellness packages, or even charitable donations. 

Reward points system

Implement a reward points system where sales team members earn points based on their performance or achievements. They can then redeem these points for rewards of their choice from the catalog. 

Personalized budget allocation 

Allocate a personalized budget for each sales team member to select their rewards. By providing a predetermined budget, you ensure fairness and allow individuals to choose a reward within their allocated amount.

VIP concert/sports tickets

Motivating your sales team requires offering unique and memorable incentives that go beyond the ordinary. Give away premium tickets to highly sought-after concerts, sports events, or entertainment shows. Access to exclusive backstage areas or meet-and-greet opportunities with celebrities can further elevate the experience.

With such efforts you will be able to gear up your sales team, once that happens they will put their best foot forward to enhance sales engagement and increase sales. 

Highly coveted events

Select concerts, sports events, or entertainment shows that are in high demand and align with the interests of your sales team. Choose top-tier performers, championship games, or exclusive events that generate excitement and anticipation. 

The allure of attending these prestigious events will inspire your sales representatives to strive for extraordinary performance.

Access to exclusive experiences

Enhance the VIP ticket experience by offering access to exclusive backstage areas, VIP lounges, or meet-and-greet opportunities with celebrities or athletes. These added perks create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your sales team, making the reward even more valuable and unforgettable.

Tailored to individual preferences

Consider the diverse interests of your sales team members and offer a range of concert genres, sports events, or entertainment options. Allow them to choose the event that resonates most with their personal preferences. 

This personalized approach ensures that each individual receives a reward that truly excites and motivates them. Personalization is the way to increase customer engagement to increase sales but it is also the way to motivate your sales team to work better! 

Performance-based eligibility

Make VIP tickets a reward for exceptional performance. Set clear performance metrics or sales targets that sales team members must achieve to qualify for these coveted tickets. This approach creates a sense of healthy competition and motivates individuals to push beyond their limits to earn this exclusive experience.

Gamification challenges

Create fun and engaging games or challenges within the sales team. This can include competitions, quizzes, or team-building activities with exciting rewards such as cash prizes, additional vacation days, or even fun prizes like a giant trophy or a golden rubber duck.  

For example, Deloitte utilizes gamification challenges in their training and development programs. They incorporate virtual games and simulations to enhance learning, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among employees.

Deloitte’s gamification challenges.

Let's have a look at the benefits of gamification challenges and provide insights on how to design and implement them effectively to keep your sales team consistently motivated.

Sales competitions

Organize friendly competitions among sales team members to encourage healthy rivalry and drive performance. Set specific targets or metrics, such as the highest number of sales, revenue generated, or new clients acquired. Award prizes to top performers, such as cash bonuses or gift cards, to add an extra level of motivation.

Setting targets and metrics can be automated with the help of sales automation tools. This way you can easily keep a track on your team and the team members will also know about each other, making the process more transparent. 

Team-building activities

Integrate team-building activities that involve collaboration and problem-solving. These can include escape rooms, scavenger hunts, or group challenges. Encourage communication and cooperation among team members while they work towards a common goal. Reward the winning team with exciting prizes or experiences to celebrate their achievements.

Points and leaderboards

Implement a points system where sales team members earn points for meeting sales targets, achieving milestones, or demonstrating exceptional performance. 

Maintain a visible leaderboard to showcase individual and team progress. This creates a sense of achievement and healthy competition, as individuals strive to earn more points and climb the leaderboard.

Sales quizzes

Create sales-related quizzes or trivia games to test your team's knowledge and expertise. Cover topics like product features, b2b sales trends, or sales techniques. Recognize and reward individuals or teams with the highest scores to foster a culture of continuous learning and friendly competition.

Growth incentives

In the fast-paced world of sales, continuous growth and development are essential for sustained success. Sales rewards that focus on personal and professional development can be a game-changer, fostering a motivated and empowered sales team.

Offering growth incentives to your sales team can have multiple benefits, including enhancing their competitiveness and boosting their knowledge of sales which ultimately leads to an optimized sales engagement process

Skill enhancement programs

Explore various skill enhancement programs and initiatives that can be offered as rewards. From sales training workshops to industry certifications and specialized courses, we discuss the value of investing in your team's professional development and how it translates into increased sales performance.

You can make it a regular practice to give sales training to your team so they feel they are growing every second and also get the sense of fulfillment. However, holding regular training sessions can be daunting but you can put your sales training on autopilot mode as well with Zixflow. You can add videos to the learn section in the dashboard and let your team enjoy and explore the learning process in their own time. 

Professional networking events

Discover the power of networking events as rewards for your sales team. We explore industry conferences, trade shows, and exclusive networking opportunities that can expand their professional network, fuel inspiration, and open doors to new business opportunities.

Mentorship and coaching opportunities

Learn how mentorship and coaching programs can serve as invaluable rewards. We discuss the impact of pairing high-performing sales team members with experienced mentors or providing access to executive coaching, fostering personal growth, paving the way for exceptional results and simplify your sales process.

Cash incentives and compensation bonuses

Google is known for its generous employee benefits and compensation packages. They offer cash incentives to employees through performance-based bonuses and stock options. They also offer various perks such as free meals, on-site healthcare, fitness centers, and more.

Team-based incentives

Foster collaboration and teamwork by implementing team-based incentives. Offer bonuses or rewards to an entire sales team when they collectively achieve exceptional results. This approach encourages cooperation, knowledge sharing, and a supportive team environment.

New product or market bonuses 

When launching a new product or entering a new market, offer cash incentives or bonuses to sales team members who excel in selling the new offering. This promotes enthusiasm for the new initiative and incentivizes your team to actively promote and generate sales for the product or in the new market.

Performance milestone bonuses

Introduce bonuses tied to reaching specific performance milestones, such as exceeding quarterly or annual sales targets, acquiring a certain number of new clients, or achieving high customer engagement to increase sales. This encourages consistent effort and provides extra motivation for your sales team to go above and beyond.

Upselling and cross-selling incentives

Encourage your sales team to focus on upselling and cross-selling by offering cash incentives or bonuses for successfully closing deals with higher average order values or for selling complementary products or services. This strategy can boost revenue and increase customer loyalty.

Referral bonuses

Implement a referral program that rewards sales team members for bringing in new leads or customers. Offer a cash bonus or commission for each successful referral that results in a sale. This not only motivates your team to actively seek out new business opportunities but also taps into their professional networks. 

Sales performance awards

Recognize outstanding sales performance by introducing awards that highlight individual or team achievements. Celebrate these accomplishments publicly, whether it's through a monthly newsletter, company-wide announcements, or dedicated recognition events. Consider customizing trophies or certificates to commemorate the recognition.

By doing this you can provide clear motivation for sales team members. Knowing that there are rewards or recognition at stake, sales professionals are more likely to invest time and effort into enhancing their understanding of sales techniques, customer psychology, market trends and sales pipeline stages.

For example, IBM offers performance awards through their "Spot Awards" program. These awards are given to employees who demonstrate exceptional performance or go above and beyond their regular responsibilities.

Spot bonuses for exceptional effort

Encourage exceptional effort and dedication by providing spot bonuses for outstanding sales achievements or going above and beyond. These surprise bonuses show appreciation for extraordinary contributions and can be a powerful motivator for continued excellence.

Identify exceptional effort

Keep a close eye on the sales team's performance and identify instances where individuals demonstrate exceptional effort. This can include landing a significant deal, exceeding sales targets, demonstrating exceptional customer service, or coming up with innovative sales engagement strategies

Immediate recognition

Spot bonuses should be given promptly to maximize their impact. The closer the recognition is to the exceptional effort, the more meaningful it becomes. This immediate acknowledgment reinforces the behavior and motivates the salesperson to continue performing at a high level.

Surprise and appreciation

The element of surprise is crucial for spot bonuses. Unexpectedly rewarding exceptional effort creates a positive and exciting atmosphere within the sales team. Publicly announce and celebrate the spot bonuses to showcase appreciation for the recipient's accomplishments. This recognition not only motivates the individual receiving the bonus but also inspires others to strive for similar recognition.

Automate your team’s sales tasks

In today's fast-paced business landscape, automation has become a key driver of efficiency and productivity. By utilizing the best softwares for sales automation, organizations can effectively automate sales tasks, streamline processes, reduce manual workloads, and empower their sales teams to concentrate on high-value activities.

Automation enables the creation of streamlined workflows, allowing for seamless collaboration and communication within the sales team. Tasks can be automated and assigned to specific team members, ensuring accountability and reducing the likelihood of tasks falling through the cracks.

For example you can provide your team access to Zixflow the ultimate salesOS that brings everything you need for sales in one dashboard. 

All-in-one Zixflow dashboard.

Zixflow is an advanced sales automation software that streamlines and simplifies the sales process for organizations. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Zixflow enables your sales team to automate repetitive tasks, manage leads effectively, track customer interactions, and generate insightful reports. 

From lead generation to creating a winning sales cadence you can do it all with Zixflow. 

Automate your sales workflow with Zixflow.
Create result oriented sales cadence with Zixflow.
Run Omnichannel sales engagement campaigns with Zixflow.

By eliminating manual workloads and providing seamless integration with sales crm software, Zixflow empowers sales professionals to focus on what they do best – building relationships, nurturing leads, and driving revenue growth.

Use words of motivation

Motivation plays a vital role in driving sales success. As a sales leader, one of the most impactful incentives you can provide to your team is a consistent dose of motivational messages. Words of encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment can ignite a fire within your sales professionals, helping them overcome challenges, stay focused, and achieve remarkable results. 

Here are some powerful words of motivation that can serve as incentives, propelling your sales team towards greatness.

“You are doing right, results will start showing eventually.”

“Do not worry I am always here to support you.” 

“I got your back!”

These sentences are small but hold immense power within them, so do not hold back. Just like you need to use lead nurturing tools to close more deals, similarly, you need positive words to give a push to your sales team. 

You can learn from LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, believes in empowering its employees and keeping them motivated. The company encourages personal and professional development through learning programs, mentorship opportunities, and inspirational talks from industry leaders. 

LinkedIn also promotes a supportive community where employees can share their achievements and motivate each other.

Carry on with your sales team!

Motivated sales teams are the driving force behind business growth and success. By implementing effective sales incentives, you can energize and inspire your sales team to consistently perform at their best. 

Remember to customize your incentives to align with your team's preferences and goals and provide them with the right sales tools to level up their game. If you are looking for one such tool then give Zixflow a try for free and see for yourself how your sales team grows!

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