What Industries Use Sales Enablement Techs? [With Examples]

The industries using sales enablement technologies include technology, finance, retail, healthcare, and the professional services sector to meet client needs.

What Industries Use Sales Enablement Techs? [With Examples]

As a customer, have you ever encountered a situation where a representative from a company reached out to you and offered solutions that genuinely made your life easier? If yes, then it is most likely that the representative had access to your previous data and has tailored the approach based on that. 

This is one of the advantages of the sales enablement tools. They allow you to offer your product as a remedy to your prospect’s problem while emphasizing the pain points and building a relationship with the prospect.

Sales enablement technology has become a valuable part of a business's sales process. According to LinkedIn's State of Sales Report 2020, 43% of sales professionals utilized smart solutions for monitoring their sales pipeline, a boost of 54% from the past two years.

And the tools and technology that facilitate this sales enablement program are crucial as well. That’s why in this blog post, I’ll explain the features, benefits, and how various industries are leveraging these technologies to optimize and simplify their sales process. So, let’s get into it! 

What are sales enablement technologies?

Sales enablement technologies are a group of tools and platforms that you use to create a powerful sales enablement ecosystem for empowering your salespeople. Your sales team uses these applications to improve efficiency, boost productivity, and help more prospects across the stages of the sales pipeline quickly. It consists of various software such as:

Complete SalesOS like Zixflow 

Zixflow is a full-fledged salesOS that incorporates multiple functionalities into one single application. It also provides a sales enablement Saas platform with automation that lets you streamline and simplify the sales process. It utilizes advanced technologies to enhance your sales team's productivity, improve sales engagement, and drive revenue growth. 

Sales enablement tools 

These comprehensive applications integrate various sales enablement technologies into a unified solution. They provide a centralized hub for you to handle content management, training, analytics, and collaboration, allowing your sales team to access all the necessary tools and resources in one place. 

Sales performance management (SPM) 

SPMs help you in keeping track of and optimize your sales team performance. They typically include features like goal setting, performance tracking, incentive management, and gamification to motivate and reward sales reps. 

Sales automation tools 

Automation platforms let you automate redundant and time-consuming tasks so your salespeople can concentrate on high-value activities and enhance their productivity. 

But you don't have to get automation platforms if you are using Zixflow. Being a sales operating system, it includes robust features to automate your sales workflows.

Benefits of sales enablement technologies 

Sales enablement technologies offer several benefits to sales teams and organizations. Here are a few of them: 

Streamlined sales process 

Sales enablement technologies allow you to standardize and improve your sales processes to boost your growth. By establishing clear workflows, automating manual tasks, and implementing best practices, you can ensure that your sales reps are operating more efficiently and consistently. 

Personalized interactions with prospects 

These technologies enable your sales agents to tailor their sales interaction based on the types of sales, prospects' behavior, and preferences. Your sales reps can leverage customer data to understand their pain points, anticipate their needs, and reach out via personalized messages.

This tailored experience helps build stronger relationships and increases the chance of successfully converting them into buyers. Also, when your sales agents have all the required information to reach out to a prospect, they will be completely prepared and won’t make any mistakes.

“Conveying tailored information correctly could make or break a transaction when it comes to closing a deal, and is probably the most difficult stage to come back from as a salesperson when there’s been a misunderstanding.” – James Lloyd-Townshend

Enhanced sales performance 

Sales enablement tools allow you to streamline sales tasks. This way, you can reduce the administrative burdens on your sales staff and free up time for them to focus on core selling activities. This will result in increased sales performance and more time spent engaging with prospects, understanding their needs by asking sales qualifying questions, and closing deals. 

Live analytics for informed decisions 

Sales enablement solutions, like Zixflow, offer powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to analyze sales data and performance metrics. These insights will help you make informed decisions and refine your sales strategies.

Industries using sales enablement technologies

Sales enablement has helped companies in multiple industries in catching up and meeting the growing demands of customers. And you can follow suit by utilizing the sales enablement technologies within your organization. So, let’s see how each industry benefited from using sales enablement technology along with suitable examples. 


In the last decade, the technology sector has evolved at a much faster rate than any other industry. Companies, both big and small, are constantly trying to get a competitive edge over each other. And sales enablement technologies are a crucial part of their tech stack.

The technology sector is at the forefront of using sales enablement technologies. If you work in this sector, you might know that businesses in this sector are always first to adopt the latest innovations and the same is the case for sales enablement tools. 

For instance, Adobe is renowned for its creative and innovative solutions and knows the necessity of sales enablement technologies in boosting its sales effectiveness and revenue growth. 

One of the key aspects of Adobe’s sales enablement strategy is the usage of a sales enablement platform that acts as a repository for sales enablement content. This allows the sales team to readily access a large number of product documentation, case studies, and sales guides to find suitable material and tailor their proposals accordingly.

Adobe’s knowledge base with all the product documentation makes it easy for the sales team to find relevant information.(Source)

Another tool that is used quite frequently in the tech sector is a chatbot. A chatbot is an AI-based bot that you can add to your website, and it will automate your lead generation process by interacting with your website visitors.

Whenever a visitor has a question, they will ask the chatbot for an answer and provide their information. Then, by answering these questions and sending their information directly to the CRM platform, the chatbot converts them into a lead.

And Zixflow has designed a Leadbot precisely for that. Creating a leadbot using Zixflow is an easy process. You just need to fill in some fields, and the software will build a leadbot for you. You can also see how the finished leadbot will look on the right side to further customize the color schemes to match your branding.

Zixflow’s form builder lets you create a form easily without needing any coding knowledge.

Once you have built a lead bot, the application will provide you with its code that you can embed into your website’s source code for quick implementation.

If you are still confused as to how to create a lead bot for your website using Zixflow, then take a look at this video that explains every step of the process.


The retail sector focuses mostly on B2C sales. Here, sales enablement technologies are used as means to engage with prospects. Sales engagement platforms, like Zixflow are a perfect example of these types of tools.

It provides the functionality to run outreach campaigns across various channels, such as email to interact with prospects to increase brand awareness, get them familiarized with your offerings, and finally complete the sale.

The sales enablement technologies used in retail are not just limited to outreach. For instance, Nike is a global sportswear brand that utilizes sales enablement solutions to empower its salespeople to deliver a smooth shopping experience to its customers. 

Nike makes use of mobile devices plus custom applications to equip its sales staff with real-time product details, pricing information, and item availability. This enables them to offer correct and recent information to customers, providing quality customer satisfaction and closing more sales.

Nike’s mobile application lets its sales reps find real-time product details on the go to deliver quality customer service.(Source)


Sales in the financial industry is a tricky business. The financial sector is heavily regulated by government institutions to safeguard customers and their assets. Financial solutions involve a completely different approach to using sales enablement because of increased risks and financial details that have to be taken into account when you are identifying potential customers.

That’s why your sales enablement technologies should be in compliance with these regulations and ensure that sensitive information is handled with care. Similar to the retail industry, the financial sector is also mostly B2C based. And there are CRM softwares for accountants that comes with sales enablement capabilities that can be used for engaging with your customers.

SMS is the preferred channel of engagement in the finance sector. Financial institutes and banks send promotional or transactional messages to keep their clients informed about their accounts. 

But for sending these kinds of messages you will need an SMS platform and Zixflow can help you with that. It includes individual and bulk messaging functionality to allow you to send these messages to your customers.


In the healthcare sector, sales enablement technologies play a crucial role in transforming the way sales reps operate and interact with healthcare professionals. New machines and devices are getting manufactured in the healthcare industry constantly and businesses need to have a solid sales enablement process to keep their sales staff up to date with these innovations. 

For instance, Medtronic, an industry leader in medical technology uses sales enablement technologies to empower its sales agents. They do so by providing essential tools and resources to properly engage with hospitals and doctors to explain to them the benefits of these new technologies. 

Medtronic leverages sales enablement technologies to offer extensive training and tutorial modules to its salespeople. This is to ensure that the sales team can effectively communicate these values and functionalities of Medtronic products to its target customers.

The same can be done with outbound sales software, such as Zixflow, which lets you add training and coaching videos to the application, where your sales team members can readily access it and get up to speed.

Service sector

The service sector consists of a wide range of industries, such as accounting firms, legal agencies, and business consulting companies. Sales enablement technologies help these companies to identify the right engagement model to reach out to prospective customers.

One of the renowned examples of a professional service sector company is Deloitte. It offers consulting, accounting, and advisory on financial solutions to companies around the world. To handle its growing number of clients and their information, Deloitte utilizes CRM software paired with sales enablement technologies to manage client interaction and facilitate collaboration between sales and marketing.

This allows Deloitte to have a complete view of its clients’ relationships, helping them find opportunities, and tailor their services according to the needs of the client. 

And with Zixflow, you can do the same. It is a robust salesOS that comes packed with an internal sales CRM platform to keep track of your interactions with customers and manage their details from a single application.

The in-built sales CRM platform of Zixflow to keep track of your leads and previous interactions.

Not just that. With Zixflow, you can set up a sales cadence to automate the follow-up process. The sales cadence platform of Zixflow not only lets you send emails but also WhatsApp messages and SMS to maximize engagement.

Sales cadence builder in Zixflow lets you add various ways to engage with prospects.

Take inspiration from these industries and optimize sales enablement with the right technologies

Sales enablement technologies have become increasingly essential for companies operating in multiple industries. And I have explained how these technologies are adopted by several industries in this article. 

The impact of sales enablement technologies is far-reaching. But implementing them is challenging as well. Utilizing new technologies or integrating them with your existing infrastructure is not an easy deal. Also, if you are utilizing multiple tools for different operations this process gets more complex.

That’s why, you should use a single sales enablement platform like Zixflow that allows you to handle all of the sales processes from a single web application. With it, you can automate your entire workflow and it will keep it up and running by itself.

Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself. And if you run across any trouble, reach out to support. They are always ready to help you with every problem that you encounter on your sales enablement journey.

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