What Is SaaS Sales Enablement & 5 Best Tools to Do It Right

SaaS sales enablement means giving tools and resources to reps to sell more and 5 tools to do that are Zixflow, Emissary, Fision, Sandler, and Accent.

What Is SaaS Sales Enablement & 5 Best Tools to Do It Right

In the dynamic world of software as a service (SaaS), new products are popping up every day and the demands of customers are ever-evolving. The success of your product hinges on more than just having a great product. 

With the rise of SaaS solutions, sales teams face new challenges in reaching their target audience and maximizing their revenue. That’s where SaaS sales enablement comes into play. By adopting a comprehensive sales enablement approach, you can simplify your sales process and drive business growth.

That’s why in this guide, I will explain what exactly SaaS sales enablement is and how you can leverage the right tools to implement it within your business. Whether you are a sales manager working in a SaaS company looking to improve your sales staff’s performance or a SaaS entrepreneur seeking to scale your business, these tools offer valuable functionalities designed especially for SaaS sales success.

So, if you are ready, let’s understand what SaaS sales enablement is. After that, I’ll tell you the 5 best sales enablement tools that will help you empower your sales agents to thrive in the competitive SaaS landscape. 

What is SaaS sales enablement?

Sales enablement is all about equipping sales teams with top-quality content, knowledge, tools, and an ongoing training process to handle various close various types of sales efficiently. 

Your sales enablement function should be clearly defined and with the help of modern tools, should facilitate collaboration, communication, and alignment between sales and marketing.

Importance of sales enablement in the SaaS industry

The SaaS industry is evolving every day. That's why your sales reps have to be prepared for these changes and stay up-to-date in order to deliver a solid sales experience throughout the stages of the sales pipeline

The time is gone when the salespeople concentrated mostly on getting new buyers. Nowadays, sales agents have a crucial duty to engage with prospects to familiarize them with the software, boost customer retention for increased sales, and focus on cross-selling or up-selling.

Sales agents trained with an old-school approach towards sales would find it difficult to move from that to a new sales engagement model that revolves around interacting with prospects. Hence the need for a robust sales enablement framework for SaaS is obvious. 

Your sales reps are the initial point of contact between you and your customers. Without their capability to showcase the value of your product, you might find it difficult to stay strong in this competitive market. 

“When you present the value of your products and services in a clear, compelling way, then you’ve tackled 90% of objections.” – Nancy Marmolejo

5 best tools of SaaS sales enablement

Now that you have understood the meaning of SaaS sales enablement, let’s take a look at 5 leading tools that will help you with your sales enablement strategies


The first tool in this list, Zixflow is powerful outbound sales software that offers a comprehensive set of features and a user-friendly interface to enable your sales team to learn as well as manage prospects from a single platform.

Zixflow, one of the best modern sales enablement tools.

One of the key strengths of Zixflow lies in its robust sales CRM tool that allows you to compile and manage your leads’ data from a unified dashboard. This lets your sales staff easily find the details of a prospect along with the past interactions he/she had with your company, and tailor their approach accordingly.

The CRM platform of Zixflow allows you to manage your leads’ data from a single location.

Zixflow also excels in its ability to automate time-consuming tasks, freeing up time for sales reps to focus on what they do best: selling. With its sales cadence platform, you can automate workflows, emails, and follow-ups to ensure that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

The workflow automation feature of Zixflow lets you automate time-consuming tasks.

Furthermore, Zixflow offers advanced reporting and analytics functionalities, providing you with useful insights into your sales team’s performance and sales pipeline health. The analytics dashboard allows for real-time monitoring of key metrics, facilitating data-driven decisions and identifying areas of improvement.


Emissary is a sales enablement solution that provides you with access to a network of former executives and industry leaders who serve as “emissaries.” These emissaries act as a guide, offering insights into the internal workings of your target accounts. 

Emissary – a SaaS sales enablement platform.

You can leverage the expertise of industry leaders to navigate complex buying processes, identify key decision-makers, and personalize your approach to ensure maximum sales engagement

On top of that, these former industry experts possess insider knowledge which they acquire through their years of experience working in the field. Armed with this knowledge, you can craft more targeted sales strategies to meet the needs of your prospects.


Fision is a comprehensive sales enablement tool that combines content management, asset management, and analytics into a single solution to resolve the challenges of SaaS sales teams. 

Fision – a SaaS sales enablement platform.

Fision provides robust content management capabilities in the form of a centralized content repository for marketing collateral, sales materials, and product documentation, ensuring easy access for sales reps. With version control and collaboration tools, your sales and marketing team can work together seamlessly, using the most accurate and recent content. 


Training is a critical component of sales enablement. In fact, according to a study by Brainshark, over 66% of businesses that use sales training and learning solutions see a positive return on investment. And Sandler is a tool that understands this fact. 

Sandler is a sales training and skill development tool that was designed based on the famous Sandler Selling System created by David Sandler. This tool equips sales reps with the methodologies and resources they need to sell more effectively.

Sandler – a SaaS sales enablement platform.

It emphasizes on taking a consultative selling approach, allowing sales agents to ask the right sales qualifying questions, uncover pain points, and provide tailored solutions. The tool offers a comprehensive set of resources and training modules to enhance sales performance and create a well-designed sales enablement ecosystem


Accent is an AI-based sales enablement platform that offers a variety of features like content management, sales learning, and guided selling. It takes advantage of its AI engine and machine learning algorithms to provide relevant content and a unified content library equipped with AI-powered search to quickly discover the required information.

Accent – a SaaS sales enablement platform.

That is not all. Accent provides training functionality where you can embed videos into the content or in the sales process to make your reps understand a particular step. Plus, you can monitor and analyze the result of the training in real-life scenarios to see how effective it has been. 

Also, recently Accent integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its AI algorithm to further improve its capability.

Your turn to take your SaaS sales enablement to the next level

The importance of sales enablement in the field of SaaS cannot be overstated. It is crucial to use the right tools that are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the market to achieve your sales goals.

The SaaS industry evolves faster than any other field where new software is getting developed constantly while the old ones are regularly updated to include new features. In this kind of environment, your sales team must be on top of these changes to provide accurate information to the prospects. 

Building a sales enablement framework for your business is not a straightforward process. But if you have Zixflow, this process can be extremely simplified. With Zixflow, you can automate processes by creating a sales cadence and executing multichannel outreach campaigns using our sales engagement platform.

And this is just the beginning. Zixflow lets you do so much more. So, what’s the wait for? Sign up today and test out its features before making any commitment.

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