9 reasons for you to choose Zixflow over any other CRM

In the first moments of a company, most founders only have one worry: to start selling and obtaining benefits in any way.

9 reasons for you to choose Zixflow over any other CRM

In the first moments of a company, most founders only have one worry: to start selling and obtaining benefits in any way. When you have only a handful of customers, keeping your sales process under control is relatively simple. But as the company grows, managing a growing mass of different sales leads in different stages of the buying process becomes increasingly complex. If you want to sell more and more effectively, you need to optimize the process. And for that, you need a CRM. For instance, if you’re working for a car dealership company, then instead of handling various tasks individually such as managing leads, customer service, marketing, etc, you can use an automobile CRM software to handle everything on a single platform. An additional tip is to conduct regular CRM audits to maximize productivity and functionality.

Here are nine ways in which Zixflow will improve your sales process

1. The CRM lets you document your sales process 

In the beginning, your sales process can be as simple as an idea written down on a napkin, but if you have to coordinate with a team, you will need a more effective method. With Zixflow, you can document all stages from initial contact to sale, and your team will always know what to do at all times.

2. You can create repeatable processes.

If each sales representative goes about their business, you end up having as many sales processes as sellers. Thanks to our CRM tool, you can standardize interactions between vendors and customers, which will not only give consistency to customer relations but will also help you save time.

3. You will automate and reduce data entry.

Before CRM came into the picture, most sales teams used Excel. Although the formulas and macros can do wonders, entering the data one by one is a long and frustrating process. If you simplify the process with us, your team can devote that time to getting new leads. For example, since investment bankers need to maintain huge amounts of client data, Zixflow works as a robust investment banking CRM allowing them to automate the data entry process and streamlining the workflow.

4. Your prediction will be more accurate.

According to a MarketWatch study, 88% of spreadsheets contain errors. If you use them as a basis for your decisions, do not be surprised if your calculations fail. Instead, with a CRM, you will see all your sales and leads much more accurately. 

5. You can keep a better track of objectives.

If your sales representatives are achieving your goals, you can reward them for it, and if they are falling short, you’ll be able to see and solve the problem in time.

6. You will centralize all of your sales information.

Having different sources of information can drive you crazy when looking for the information you need. But with all the customer information stored in a single program, your life will be much easier.

7. You control the whole process without disturbing your employees.

If you need to know the sales results for the quarter, you do not need to ask all your sales representatives, just consult the CRM.

8. You will create a sustainable salesforce.

Imagine you have a person in the sales department who has been creating the sales Excel and knows exactly how it works. While that person is working in your company, finding out how things are going is as easy as asking. But the day they leave is the day chaos begins to reign. To prevent this from happening, you need to have an infrastructure set in place that everyone understands and does not depend on one person.

9. You will make the information about your customers more visible.

CRM is mainly used in sales, but the other company areas may also be interested in having information about customers. And with this system, they can have a look with just a few clicks.

With the above-mentioned features, we are sure you might want to get a FREE trial of this software. For the same, you can visit www.zixflow.com

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