13 Best Ecommerce Marketing Channels to Get More Customers

The best 13 ecommerce marketing channels, from email marketing, and public relations to SEO, that attract more customers & drive your business growth.

13 Best Ecommerce Marketing Channels to Get More Customers

Are you struggling to get your online store noticed? You are not alone. Running an ecommerce business is exciting! You have fantastic products, a sleek website, and a catchy jingle stuck in your head. But there is one question: where are the customers?

Getting customers to visit your online store can feel like finding your way through a maze with your eyes closed. There are many ways to market your store, each one promising lots of new customers. But with limited time and money, it’s hard to know which ones are worth it.

Sound familiar? Worry not. That’s why I’ve made this guide to help you find the best marketing channels for your online store. These are the 13 best ecommerce marketing channels that will help you reach your target audience and help you make more sales.

Let’s first start with the basics!

What exactly are marketing channels?

Marketing channels are the different ways you can get your message out to potential customers. Think of them as all the tools and platforms you use to connect with your target audience. This includes social media, websites, and even traditional methods like print ads and events. 

These channels act like pathways, guiding your customers along their journey, letting them know about your product or service, and ultimately driving sales.

Now, let’s come to the point!

13 best ecommerce marketing channels to get more customers

So, are you ready to get your online store noticed and bring in more customers? Great! Let’s explore the best marketing channels that can help you do just that. Here are 13 of the top ecommerce marketing channels to consider:

Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful ecommerce marketing channel that allows you to directly engage with potential and existing customers, driving traffic and sales. To implement an effective email marketing strategy, start by building a quality email list through opt-in forms on your website, offering incentives like discounts or exclusive content. 

Once your list is established, craft personalized and segmented email campaigns to target specific customer groups based on their interests and behaviors. You can use the best email marketing software for ecommerce such as Zixflow to make personalized email campaigns quickly.

Zixflow allows you to do email marketing using its email campaign builder.

It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to design attractive and responsive emails using either pre-made templates or your custom designs. Zixflow also features AI-powered features to optimize your campaigns, including an AI Wizard for email content creation.

Zixflow allows you to generate emails using AI wizard.

With Zixflow, you can segment your audience for targeted campaigns, personalize emails to boost sales efficiency, and track key metrics to measure your success.

You can use Zixflow’s workflow automation’s sales cadence to make email sequences for ecommerce marketing.

Not only that! Zixflow’s workflow automation simplifies the process of sending great email sequences, eliminating repetitive tasks. You can create customized email sequences, choose prebuilt templates & clones to nurture leads, cultivate connections, or follow up with customers. 

This allows you to concentrate on more strategic projects while maintaining timely and focused email outreach. 

Check out Zixflow’s email campaign video to quickly learn its features and elevate your ecommerce marketing efforts.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is another important ecommerce channel for attracting and engaging customers. To implement this channel effectively, start by identifying your target audience and selecting the platforms where they are most active, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Create compelling content that resonates with your target audience, whether it’s captivating product images, informative videos, or engaging stories. For example, if you’re running a fashion brand, you can showcase outfit inspirations on Instagram and share behind-the-scenes videos on Facebook to connect with your audience. 

Use social media ads to expand your reach and collaborate with influencers to enhance your brand’s visibility. By engaging authentically with your followers, responding promptly to comments and messages, and analyzing metrics like engagement and conversions, you can effectively use social media marketing to drive traffic and streamline your sales process for your ecommerce business.

Marketplace selling

Marketplace selling offers a potent ecommerce marketing channel that allows you to reach a wide existing audience. Consider Amazon, which boasts over 300 million active user accounts

By listing your products on established marketplaces, you can access a ready-made customer base actively seeking to make purchases, saving you the effort and costs of attracting them independently. 

This results in quicker sales and increased brand visibility. While competition exists, strategic optimization of your listings and competitive pricing can help you stand out and convert marketplace visitors into loyal customers for your own brand.

Public relation 

Public relations can serve as a powerful asset for your ecommerce business, helping you connect with new customers and boost brand visibility. Also, consumers are significantly more likely to trust earned media, such as articles or reviews, compared to paid advertising. 

For example, if your eco-friendly clothing brand gets featured in a sustainable fashion blog, it can reach a targeted audience interested in your brand’s values and products. This type of earned media enhances credibility beyond traditional advertising, fostering trust and loyalty among potential customers.

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Content marketing 

Ever wondered how ecommerce businesses attract new customers effectively? Content marketing holds the answer. DemandMetric mentioned that content marketing generates over 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing. It operates by crafting informative and engaging content that educates potential customers about your products and builds trust in your brand. 

For instance, consider creating blog posts with buying guides, instructional videos, or infographics that showcase the benefits of your products. This content can then be shared on social media, your website, or through email marketing campaigns, consistently drawing new visitors, converting them into customers, and fostering long-term brand loyalty.

SMS marketing 

Did you know that SMS marketing can be a game changer for reaching your customers directly on their mobile phones? According to Meera.ai, SMS marketing boasts an impressive open rate of over 95%, making it ideal for immediate and targeted communication. 

Implementing SMS marketing is now simpler than ever with platforms like Zixflow, offering easy-to-use SMS campaign builders. This platform enables you to create compelling messages, segment your audience for personalized campaigns, and monitor your results to ensure 

maximum impact.

Zixflow provides SMS campaign builder as one of the ecommerce marketing channels.

Watch Zixflow’s SMS campaign video to improve your ecommerce marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing 

In today’s digital age, influencer marketing has become a vital strategy for ecommerce businesses like yours looking to connect with new customers. It taps into the credibility and influence of online personalities, known as influencers, who have built loyal followings around specific interests. 

By teaming up with influencers whose values align with your brand, you can effectively introduce your products to their audience in a natural and impactful manner. As highlighted by Business Insider, the influencer marketing industry is projected to reach $24 billion by 2024, demonstrating its significant role in driving sales and enhancing brand visibility in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

For instance, think of a company launching a new fitness tracker, and partnering with a popular yoga instructor on YouTube. Through engaging content, the instructor showcases how they use the tracker during workouts, offering an honest review and exclusive discounts for their viewers. 

Affiliate marketing 

So after influencer marketing, affiliate marketing is also an effective strategy for your ecommerce business to attract new customers. Here is how it works: you team up with content creators, bloggers, and social media influencers who already have audiences that are interested in what you’re selling.

These affiliates will promote your products through reviews, tutorials, or social media posts, using unique, trackable links. When someone clicks on these links and makes a purchase, you pay the affiliate a commission. It’s that simple! 

A report by Astute Analytica indicates that the affiliate marketing industry is projected to hit an impressive $36.9 million by 2030, underscoring its ongoing growth trend. This highlights the significant potential of affiliate marketing for your ecommerce business. 

Referral marketing  

Referral marketing, where you can reward satisfied customers for recommending your store to their friends and family, is a powerful ecommerce channel for bringing in new customers. 

Statistics highlight its effectiveness: Nielsen mentioned that referrals are trusted 92% more than advertising and can generate up to five times the sales of a typical marketing campaign. 

Take, for example, the online fashion retailer Myntra. They successfully used referrals by offering both the referrer and the new customer a discount on their first purchase. This motivated happy customers to spread the word, drawing budget-conscious fashion enthusiasts to Myntra’s platform. 

By implementing a similar program with rewards tailored to your target audience, you can harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and grow your Indian e-commerce business.

Pay-per-click advertising 

Pay-per-click advertising is another good channel for driving targeting traffic to your ecommerce store. With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks your ad, making it a cost-effective method to reach potential customers who are actively searching for products like yours. 

For instance, if you run a shoe company like Vans, you could use PPC ads on Google targeting keywords such as “buy white sneakers for men”. By implementing PPC effectively, you can significantly expand your customer base.

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Search engine optimization

SEO is an excellent way to attract new customers to your ecommerce store organically. By optimizing your website and product pages with relevant keywords that people use when searching for products, you can greatly improve your visibility on search engine results pages. This marketing channel is more cost-effective than paid advertising and has proven to be highly effective. 

Wolfgang Digital mentioned about a third of all traffic to ecommerce sites comes from organic search, meaning well-optimized stores can capture a large portion of potential customers. 

For example, a company like Lush Cosmetics uses SEO by including keywords like “natural bath bombs” and “vegan skincare products” in their website content. This strategy helps them rank higher in search results for those specific items, attracting customers who are actively looking for such products and driving sales.

Video marketing

Video marketing has become an essential tool for ecommerce businesses to draw in new customers. As per Statista, platforms like YouTube, which has over 476 million monthly active users in India alone, offer an excellent opportunity for your brand to showcase products, educate viewers with tutorials, and build trust through customer testimonials. 

EyeView mentioned that adding a video to a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. 

Let’s consider Nykaa, a leading Indian beauty retailer. Their captivating makeup tutorials featuring popular influencers have amassed millions of views, boosting brand awareness and driving sales. 

By incorporating high-quality video content into your marketing strategy, you can effectively engage potential customers and increase sales.

Podcast marketing 

So lastly, podcast marketing proves to be a good channel for ecommerce businesses like yours aiming to connect with new customers. Whether by sponsoring relevant podcasts or producing your own with valuable content and engaging interviews, you can bolster brand awareness, establish industry authority, and connect directly with an interested audience. 

For instance, The Man Company, a popular men’s grooming brand in India, uses its podcast “The Gentleman Show” to discuss more than just its products. They discuss broader topics like modern masculinity in insightful interviews. 

This approach doesn’t just sell products, it builds trust and gives The Man Company a respected source. Listeners are then more likely to visit their online store for grooming items.

Also, consider utilizing short-form content such as Reels to highlight snippets from these discussions or trends, using an engaging nature to draw viewers to your podcast and ultimately your ecommerce brand.

Attract more customers using these ecommerce marketing channels

Having covered the 13 best ecommerce marketing channels, it’s evident that each offers unique opportunities to attract more customers. From email marketing to podcast marketing to working with influencers, these strategies reach your customers differently. 

Whether you are engaging on social media or improving your website’s search ranking, each channel helps you grow your customer base. 

But if you are looking for a platform that helps you to gain more customers & to automate your marketing tasks, consider platforms like Zixflow. Zixflow is a great CRM tool that helps automate your marketing campaigns, including email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns. 

Zixflow’s simple-to-build WhatsApp campaign builder.

It offers additional features like a unified inbox to manage all your notifications in one place, lead capture forms, campaign creation with audience segmentation, pre-built templates, and much more.

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