23 Ecommerce SMS Templates with Examples from Real Brands

The best 23 ecommerce SMS templates include new customers welcome, flash-sales alert, etc. with examples from real brands to help you increase sales.

23 Ecommerce SMS Templates with Examples from Real Brands

In today’s digital world, where your inbox is packed and notifications keep popping up, SMS marketing is like a clear signal. You’re an ecommerce business, right? Well, guess what? Text messages are your new best friend for making personal connections and boosting sales.

Sending an SMS? It’s like hitting the jackpot with open rates, they’re often sky-high, sometimes even over 98%. But here’s the important thing: making your messages stand out. That’s where ecommerce SMS templates come in. They’re like ready-made messages that you can customize to fit your customers’ needs. 

With these templates, you’ll grab attention, make sales soar, and keep your customers coming back. So, no worries! In this blog, I’ve mentioned 23 ecommerce SMS templates with examples from real brands lined up just for you to grow your ecommerce business.

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Best 23 ecommerce SMS templates with examples from real brands

Explore the best 23 effective ecommerce SMS templates, each paired with real brand instances, to enhance your marketing approach and skyrocket your sales.

New customer welcome template

A “New Customer Welcome” SMS template is a brief message you can send to your new customers to greet them, express gratitude for choosing your business, and provide essential information like how to get started & contact support. Here is the template for your ease:

Hey [Add Customer Name], Welcome to [Add Your Business Name]! Thanks for choosing us! We’re excited to have you with us. As a special thank you, get 10% off your first order with code WELCOME10! To start, visit our website [Add Your Website Link] or get our app [Add Your App Store Link]. Need help? Just ask our support team at [Add Your Support Contact Information]. Enjoy! 

Clinique’s new customer welcome SMS.

Flash sale alert template

A flash sale alert SMS for ecommece is a quick message letting your customers know about a high discount on your products from an ecommerce site. It encourages your customers to act fast before the offer expires which will help enhance customer engagement, and increase your sales. You can use the below-given template:

🚨Flash Sale Alert!🚨 Get [Add Discount Percentage]% off on selected items for the next [Add Duration]. Shop now before it's gone! Click [Add Link] to browse the deals.

Flash sale SMS from Benefit Cosmetics.

Limited-time offer template

A limited-time offer creates a sense of urgency and encourages your customers to make a purchase quickly to take advantage of the special deal before it expires. These offers are often used to drive sales, attract new customers, or promote specific products. The following template you can use to send limited time offer SMS for ecommerce business: 

🎉 Don’t Miss Out! 🎉 For a limited time only, enjoy [X%] off/all products on our site! Hurry, this offer ends in [X Hours/Days]! Shop now at [Add your Website Link] and use code [Add Code] at checkout. Happy shopping!

KFC limited-time offers SMS.

Promotional discount template

You can use promotional discount SMS for ecommerce business to drive sales, reward loyal customers or attract new ones. Below, I’ve mentioned the template that you can use:

Hey [Name of Your Customer], Get [Discount]% off your entire purchase! Use code [Add Code] like SAVEBIG at checkout. Shop now: [Mention Your Website Link]. 

Promotional discount SMS from Nykaa’s pink Friday sale.
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Upcoming sale template

An upcoming sale template presents an opportunity for your online ecommerce business to attract customers with enticing discounts, deals, and special offers. You can use the template given for your response.

Heads up, [Your Customer Name]! Our weekend sale is fast approaching! Don’t miss out on exclusive discounts & deals on your favorite products. Sign up for early access and be the first to shop: [Add Link]. Mark your calendars & get ready to save big! 🎉

Mamaearth upcoming weekend sale SMS.

Birthday discount template

You can use birthday sale templates to celebrate your business’s anniversary. You can offer exclusive discounts or deals to your customers as a thank-you gesture and to boost your sales. You can follow the provided format for your clarity.

🎉It’s our birthday!🎂 Enjoy exclusive discounts just for you! Use code [Add Code]  BDAYSALE at checkout for 20% off your entire order. Hurry, this offer ends soon! Shop now: [Add Link].

Birthday discount SMS from Lovepop.

VIP customer-exclusive template

You can use VIP customer-exclusive SMS messages to make your loyal customers feel special. You can offer them personalized deals or early access to sales. It’s a smart way to keep customers coming back for more and to boost sales engagement. You can follow the given template accurately in your response.

Hello [Your Customer Name]! As one of our valued VIP customers, we're excited to offer you an exclusive deal: [Add Offer Details]. This offer is just for you as a token of our appreciation. Don’t miss out, shop now and enjoy your VIP perks!🎁

Order confirmation template

Order confirmation messages reassure your customers that their orders are on track and can include personalized details like their name and order information. Plus, you can use them to suggest other products or services, boosting sales and loyalty. Make sure your input aligns with the template.

Hi  [Your Customer Name]! Your order #[Add Order Number] is confirmed. We’re on it! Estimated delivery to [Mention Shipping Address]. Total: [Add Total Amount]. Thanks for choosing [Add Your Company Name]!

Clovia’s order confirmation SMS message.

Shipping confirmation template

Shipping confirmations keep your customers informed about their orders’ status. You can include details like when the order was shipped, estimated delivery dates, and tracking information. You can also use them to thank customers for their purchases and suggest related products. You can use the template for your consistency.

Hi [Your Customer Name], great news! Your order #[Add Order Number] has been shipped and is on its way to you. Track your package with #[Tracking Number]. Estimated delivery: [Mention Estimated Delivery Date]. Thanks for shopping with us!

Aqualogica’s shipping confirmation SMS.

Delivery confirmation template

Delivery confirmation helps your business keep your customers updated on their orders, build trust, and automate sales engagement. It also makes work smoother by showing when deliveries are successful, cutting down on arguments, and improving how goods are moved. Keep your response in line with the template

Hi [Your Customer Name], your order #[Add Order Number]  has been delivered! 📦 Enjoy your purchase and let us know if you need anything else. Thank you for choosing [Mention Your Company Name]!

Delivery confirmation SMS from Mulloha.

Abandoned cart reminders template

Abandoned cart reminders help businesses like yours recover sales by sending messages to customers who left items in their online carts but didn’t buy them. These reminders nudge customers to come back and complete their purchase, often by offering discounts or free shipping. You can use the provided template for your SMS message.

Hi [Your Customer Name], did you forget something? 🛒 Complete your order now and enjoy [Offer, e.g., 10% off] on your items in the cart! Click here [Add Link] to finish your purchase. Happy shopping.

Abandoned cart reminder SMS from Nykaa.

Return and exchange template

Return and exchange policies SMS help your business keep customers happy by allowing them to return or exchange products they’re not satisfied with. It builds trust, encourages repeat purchases, and protects against fraud. Follow the template closely in your response.

Hi [Your Customer Name], unhappy with your purchase? No worries! Return or exchange it hassle-free within [Number of Days]. Just bring it back with proof of purchase. Questions? Call [Customer Service Number]. Thanks, [Your Company Name].

AJIO’s product return SMS.
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Wishlist reminders template

You can send wishlist reminders to customers who added items to their wishlist but didn’t buy them yet. It’s a gentle reminder to encourage purchases. Ensure your input follows the template given.

Hi [Your Customer Name]! 👋 Just a quick reminder that you have items on your wishlist waiting for you! Don’t miss out, complete your purchase now and enjoy [Mention Any Special Offer or Discount].

Wishlist reminder SMS from Nykaa.

Restocked items template

Restocked items are products that were sold out but are back in stock now. You can let customers know about this by sending an SMS. This helps your business sell more, simplify your sales process, and make customers happy by offering products they want. You can use the provided template for your SMS.

Great news! The [Your Restocked Product Name] you’ve been waiting for is back in stock! Order now before it's gone again. Visit [Add Your Website Link] to grab yours.

Holiday greeting template

During the holidays, you can send personalized text messages to your customers, offering exclusive deals to enhance their shopping experience and help them find the perfect gifts while saving money. Your response should match the template provided.

Happy Holidays, [Add Your Name]! 🎁 Get into the festive spirit with exclusive deals at [Your Store Name]! Use code [Add Code] like HOLLYJOLLY for [Add Percentage] like 20% off your next purchase. Shop now: [Mention Link].

Holiday offer SMS from Ferns N Petals.

Product recommendation template

Product recommendation SMS templates are powerful SMS messages for your business to enhance customer experience and drive sales. By using your customers’ data, you can suggest relevant products based on past purchases, and browsing history. Use the template as a guide for your SMS message.

Hi [Your Customer Name], we thought you might like these products based on your recent purchase of [Product Name].

  1. [Recommended Product 1]
  2. [Recommended Product 2]
  3. [Recommended Product 3]

Feel free to explore more on our website [Your Website]! Happy shopping!

Product recommendation SMS from Ferns N Petals.

Customer satisfaction survey template

Customer satisfaction survey SMS is like asking your customers how happy they are with your products. It’s like a questionnaire with questions about what they like and what they don’t. You can use this to see what’s working well and what needs fixing to improve the sales process. You can use the template outlined.

Hi [Your Customer Name], we’d love to hear about your recent experience with us! Please take a moment to answer a quick survey: [Add Survey Link]. Your feedback helps us improve. Thank you!

Picture of Khadi Natural’s SMS from customer feedback.

Referral program template

You can use a referral program SMS message when you need to ask your current customers to recommend their friends or family. In return, you can give rewards, like discounts or gifts, to your customers who make successful referrals. Keep your response simple and follow the template.

Hi [Your Customer Name]! Love shopping with us? Share the love and get rewarded! Refer our product to your friend and you both get [Discount/Freebie]. Tap here to start: [Referral Link]. Happy referring!

JioMart’s referral program SMS.

Loyalty program template

A loyalty program SMS message allows your business to reward customers for their repeat purchases, and improves business loyalty. It also helps gather customer data for targeted marketing, ultimately strengthening customer relationships and driving long-term growth. You can use the provided template for your clarity.

Welcome to [Your Business Name] Loyalty Program! Enjoy exclusive rewards, discounts, and special offers just for you. Simply sign up at [Add Link] or reply “JOIN” to this message. Happy shopping! 🛍️

Loyal customer SMS from Excitel.

New item notifications template

New item notifications are concise messages that you can send to customers to announce the arrival of new products or services. It creates excitement, prompts exploration, and drives sales by showcasing the latest offerings. Your answer should be structured according to the template.

🎉Exciting News!🎉 Check out our latest arrival: [New Product Name]! Get it now at [Your Website/Store]. Limited stock is available, so act fast!

Example image of new items stock SMS from Leo’s Apparel.

Seasonal clearance sales template 

Seasonal clearance sales SMS message helps your brand make space for new stuff and give customers great deals. You can use this to sell old stuff and bring in new customers. Make sure your response adheres to the template.

🎉Don’t miss out on our Seasonal Clearance Sale!🎉 Get up to [Discount Percentage]% off on all winter items! Hurry, while stocks last! [Your Store Name]

Seasonal clearance sale SMS from Ferns N Petals.
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Customer birthday wish template 

You can send birthday wishes to your customers to show you care. These messages can include special discounts or promotions to make customers feel appreciated. By doing this, you can build better relationships with customers, and make them feel valued. Use the template provided for your SMS message.

Happy Birthday [Your Customer Name]!🎂 Enjoy [Discount/Promotion] on your special day as a token of our appreciation. Thanks for being part of [Your Company Name] family! 🎈

Customer birthday wish SMS from Nykaa.

Help & support template 

Help & support is key to keeping your customers happy. You can use things like live chat and FAQs to solve problems fast and make customers feel supported. Utilize the template provided for your response.

Need assistance? Text HELP to [Customer Support Number] for quick support. We’re here to make your experience seamless!

Help & support SMS from Excitel.

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