9 Types of SMS Notifications You Must Use for Your Ecommerce

Different types of e-commerce SMS notifications are order confirmation, delivery updates, promotional offers, abandoned cart notifications, and event reminders.

9 Types of SMS Notifications You Must Use for Your Ecommerce

What is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers directly to market your products?

In today’s fast-paced world, customers don’t want to spend too much time looking around for perfect products. They want you to provide them with the necessary information they need to make a buying decision. 

One way to achieve that is by using SMS marketing. By implementing e-commerce SMS marketing strategies, you can engage with your customers and promote your brand effectively.

Having said that, there are multiple types of e-commerce SMS notifications you can send to interact with your customers and keep them in the loop about your offerings. 

That’s why, in this article, I’ll go over 9 types of SMS notifications you should use for your e-commerce store. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

What is e-commerce SMS marketing?

E-commerce SMS marketing consists of using SMS as a main channel of marketing for promoting your e-commerce business and generating more sales. 

With SMS marketing, you can send promotional messages about your business’s offerings straight to your customers’ phones wherever they are.

That being said, let’s explore the various types of e-commerce SMS notifications you can send to engage your customers and update them about the latest offers. These messages will help you keep your business fresh in the minds of your customers and encourage them to check out your store or make a purchase. 

Best types of e-commerce SMS notification 

Sending multiple types of SMS notifications allows you to increase your chances of getting a conversion by offering different kinds of deals or information at the right time.

So, here are some of the SMS notification types you can utilize in your marketing strategy to spruce up your revenue:

Order confirmation

One of the most common types of e-commerce SMS notifications is the order confirmation messages. By sending these messages, you can inform your customers about their successful purchase and provide them with a receipt of their order. 

Order confirmation messages are a necessary part of running an e-commerce store as it is essential to keep your customers updated about the status of their orders. By immediately sending an order confirmation SMS, you can offer your customers peace of mind knowing their purchase successfully went through. 

An example of an order confirmation SMS notification.

Delivery update

After confirming an order, sending shipping details to your customers is a good business practice as they are keen to learn more about when they can expect their order. 

When you process an order and the package is handed over to the shipping carrier, send your customer a shipment notification message. This message includes a tracking number or a link to track the delivery status in real-time or information about when the package leaves the warehouse, arrives at a sorting facility, and is out for delivery for better sales engagement.

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Promotional offers

Sending promotional offers is a big part of any marketing strategy. After all, you can only get conversions if your prospects know about what your business has to offer. 

Engaging customers with promotional e-commerce SMS notifications is one of the best ways to highlight your brand or its products and get in touch directly with potential customers. For example, sending text messages about tailored offers greatly increases your chances of enticing prospects and compelling them to buy your products. 

Abandoned cart notifications

If you are running an e-commerce business, then you should be aware of abandoned carts. It is a frequent occurrence where visitors will add products to the cart but leave without making a transaction. 

Also, converting abandoned carts into successful sales is much easier than identifying sales-qualified leads, nurturing them over a period of time, and then, making a sale. This is because abandoned cart users are already familiar with your business and you just need to encourage them to complete the checkout process. 

The best way to do that is by sending abandoned cart notifications and offering exclusive discounts if they complete the purchase within a specific time. These messages will give your prospects a reason (discount) to get the product from your store and create a sense of urgency to miss out on their favorite product at a lower cost. 

An example of an abandoned cart message.

Event reminders

Oftentimes you might run special events, such as giveaways or contests to boost interaction with your customers and build brand loyalty or awareness. To ensure these events bring you maximum ROI, you need to inform your customers about them. 

Sending event reminders via SMS is an excellent way to make sure your customers are up to date with the latest details about upcoming events. In these messages, you can include event-related information like the date & time of the event, how they can participate, and any special reward up for grabs. 

An example of an event reminder SMS message.

Flash sales

Another great technique to generate a sense of urgency among your customers is by sending flash sales messages. These limited-time messages allow you to skyrocket interactions and conversions by utilizing the tried and tested sales psychology technique of FOMO. 

A short, straight-to-the-point SMS with a discount code is all you need to run an effective flash sale. 

An example of a flash sale e-commerce SMS notification.

Account updates

You can keep your customers informed about what is happening with their accounts by sending account update SMS notifications. These real-time alerts regarding their account activity assure them that they are always in control of their e-commerce journey. 

Whether it is order confirmations, payment notifications, or setting changes in the account, these text messages will keep your customers in the loop across every stage of the sales pipeline. This way, your customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their account information is readily accessible and they are promptly notified of any changes in their account, further increasing the credibility of your business.

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Holiday deals 

Offering festive deals around the holidays throughout the year is a great way to get tons of sales quickly. And what better way to notify your customers about these deals than sending tailored SMS notifications straight to their mobile devices? 

Using holiday deals messages, you can send seasonal discounts to limited-time festive offers, making sure your customers can shop smartly and make the most of every celebration. 

Plus, running year-round sales and selling products at a cheaper price will drive repeat business for your e-commerce store and keep its name fresh in the minds of your customers. 

An example of a holiday or seasonal deals text message.

Cross-sell or Upsell recommendations

You can elevate the shopping experience for your customers by sending personalized cross-sell and upsell recommendations through SMS notifications. Using these messages, you can help them discover complementary products or upgrades that perfectly fit their purchase, boosting its value and functionality. 

By analyzing your customers’ shopping behavior and preferences, you can tailor your suggestions to align with their interests. 

For instance, you can send recommendations about accessories to complete your customers’ purchases or suggest premium features to enhance their experience. Smart recommendations not only make your customers’ lives easier but also generate additional revenue for your business. 

Inform customers and increase sales with these e-commerce SMS notifications

In conclusion, these e-commerce SMS notifications are a great means to keep your customers interested in your brand and drive repeat sales for your business. 

However, to effectively use these types of SMS marketing messages, you need an equally effective marketing platform that lets you customize your promotions the way you want. 

A solution that stands out for this is Zixflow. With its dynamic and AI-powered SMS campaigns, you can easily connect with your customers and place your products right in front of them for a high probability of getting a sale. 

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On top of that, Zixflow includes an SMS template builder that you can use to build custom e-commerce messaging templates and save them for future use. 

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All in all, Zixflow is an advanced marketing and sales CRM software that is developed to help you run streamlined marketing campaigns and scale your e-commerce business to further heights. Get started with a free forever account for a firsthand experience of our next-gen platform. 

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