51+ Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics to Know in 2024

The 51+ essential ecommerce email marketing statistics you should know for 2024. Stay ahead of the curve & optimize your strategies with valuable insights.

51+ Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics to Know in 2024

In digital marketing, some things never change. Building strong customer relationships is still crucial, and email remains a powerful tool for this. For ecommerce businesses, a good email marketing strategy can make the difference between a slow website and a booming online store. But with so much information out there, it can be hard for you to know which tactics work best. Are flashy social media campaigns taking over? Not at all.

Email offers a personal touch and control that other channels can’t match. It lets you send targeted messages directly to your audience’s inbox, creating a sense of one-on-one communication. But like any marketing strategy, email marketing success depends on understanding your audience and creating campaigns that connect with them.

This is where email marketing statistics come in. By looking at key metrics and trends, you can learn about subscriber behavior, see what works and what doesn’t, and create data-driven campaigns that increase sales and build your brand loyalty. 

Whether you’re an experienced ecommerce marketer or just starting out, this blog will help you stay ahead of 51-plus ecommerce email marketing statistics and make the most of email marketing in 2024. 

52 ecommerce email marketing statistics you should know

For your ecommerce business, staying current with email marketing trends is essential. With that said, here are 52 key statistics you should know to create successful email campaigns in 2024:

Statistic 1: When you open an email, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a discount. In fact, 63% of people do the same, according to LXA. As an ecommerce business, this means including discounts in your emails can significantly boost engagement and sales. 

Think about it, your customers are actively searching for these deals, so meeting their expectations can lead to better results for your business and enhance your sales process.

Statistic 2: You’re part of a significant trend if you’re handling multiple email accounts. According to Statistica, 37% of people maintain two email accounts. So, whether you’re managing personal and work emails or handling various accounts, you’re not alone, it’s a widespread practice in today’s digital world.

Statistic 3: Did you know that email marketing revenue worldwide is expected to reach $17.9 billion by 2027, according to Statista? For your ecommerce business, this means there’s a huge opportunity to use email marketing to boost sales and grow your customer base. 

With its proven effectiveness, now is the time to invest in and refine your email marketing strategy. 

Statistic 4: In 2022, a huge 69% of marketers in the ecommerce world, just like you, were using email marketing to spread their content, according to the Content Marketing Institute. 

This statistic hits close to home, showing how email campaigns are still a big deal for businesses like yours. So, if you’re thinking about email marketing for your ecommerce strategy, know that it's a tried-and-true approach for your industry.

Statistic 5: In 2024, over 361 billion emails will be sent each day, as reported by Oberlo. For your ecommerce business, this highlights the continued importance of email as a key communication tool. 

With such a high volume of daily emails, implementing email marketing effectively can help you differentiate your brand and engage with your customers in a competitive digital environment.

Statistic 6: Ever thought about the role email plays in your ecommerce business? Well, consider this: By 2026, an estimated 4.73 billion individuals worldwide will be using email, according to Statistica. 

That’s a huge potential audience for your online store! Whether it’s sending promotional offers, order confirmations, or newsletters, email remains a powerful tool for engaging with your customers and driving sales. With such a vast number of email users, using email marketing effectively can help your ecommerce business simplify your sales process.

Statistic 7: If you run an online store, here's something important to know: by 2025, Techjury predicts that the number of people using email will skyrocket to 4.6 billion. What does this mean for you? Well, it means there will be a lot more people checking their emails potential customers who could be interested in what you have to offer.

Statistic 8: According to Luisa Zhou, 4/5 marketers, just like you, prefer email marketing over social media. This shows that in the marketing world, many professionals find email to be more effective for reaching their customers.

Statistic 9: Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on email every day? Well, As per Statistica, in 2021, people like you spent around 2.5 hours each day on email. 

Now, think about this for your online store: your customers check their emails regularly, so using email marketing can help you connect with them directly and boost your sales.

Statistic 10: Suppose as an ecommerce business owner, you depend on reaching your customers where they are. Well, here's a fact that hits home: 99% of email users check their inbox every single day, according to HubSpot. 

That means your audience is consistently engaged with their email, making it a prime channel for connecting with them and driving sales for your online store. So, if you’re looking for a direct line to your customers, email is where it’s at.

Statistic 11: Did you know that 98% of Millennials and Gen X users use email more than any other generation? This Statista finding highlights the importance of email in their daily lives. 

For your ecommerce business, focusing on email marketing can effectively reach and engage these crucial age groups, ensuring your messages hit home.

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Statistic 12: Consider your own email habits. With 47% of people opening emails based solely on the subject line, as revealed by OptinMonster, it’s clear that the subject line holds significant power in capturing attention and driving engagement. 

This insight underscores the importance of crafting compelling subject lines to enhance open rates and drive success for your ecommerce business. So, as you draft your next email, remember the crucial role your subject line plays in enticing your audience to click ‘open’ and engage with your content. 

Statistic 13: When you sift through your inbox, what catches your eye first? For 42% of people, it’s the sender’s name. This habit extends to your ecommerce customers too. 

Before they decide to open an email, they’re checking who it’s from. That’s why sender recognition is key for boosting your email open rates and engaging your audience effectively.

Statistic 14: Imagine you’re running an online store, eagerly checking your email for updates on orders and customer inquiries. Now, here’s a fact to consider: 69% of people, just like your potential customers, decide if an email is spammy based solely on its subject line, says OptinMonster. 

This means that getting your subject lines right is crucial. When you craft catchy subject lines that grab attention, you’re more likely to get customers to open your emails, engage with your content, and buy from your store.

Statistic 15: Have you ever wondered how to make testing easier in your ecommerce business? Well, here’s an interesting statistic you should know: 45% of marketers are choosing automation for A/B testing, according to Litmus. 

So, if almost half of your fellow marketers are using automation, maybe it's worth trying. It could save you time and still help you improve your strategies. So, if you want to make testing simpler and get better results, e-commerce marketing automation could be the way to go.

Statistic 16: According to Campaign Monitor, incorporating emojis into your ecommerce email subject lines can lead to a significant 56% increase in open rates compared to text-only subject lines. It's a simple yet powerful tactic to grab your subscribers' attention and boost engagement with your ecommerce campaigns.

Statistic 17: As per Yola, when your potential customers check their emails on their iPhones, they'll only see the first 30 characters of your subject line. That’s right, just 30 characters to catch your customers’ eye and make them click.

So, it’s crucial to craft subject lines that are short, punchy, and captivating. Every character counts in making your audience click and engage with your emails.

Statistic 18: As an ecommerce business owner, understanding your customers’ preferences is key. As per Moosend, 49% of consumers actually want to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands every week. 

That’s right, your customers are eager to stay connected with your business through regular email updates. So, make sure to leverage this opportunity to engage with them and keep your brand top-of-mind.

Statistic 19: When you open emails from online stores like yours, you’re likely doing it on your phone or tablet about 60% of the time. This statistic, shared by Luisa Zhou, shows how important it is for ecommerce businesses to make sure their emails look good and work well on mobile devices. That way, it's easy for you to check out the latest deals and shop conveniently, wherever you are.

Statistic 20: Have you ever thought about how many people around the world open emails like yours? Well, on average, it’s about 27%, according to GetResponse. 

This helps you understand how many customers are reading your emails and can help you make them better. So, every email you send has a chance to reach your customers all over the world and improve sales efficiency.

Statistic 21: When you personalize your emails, you’ll see an open rate of 22.63%. People love feeling like messages are tailored just for them, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. 

Statistic 22: You’ll see the best results by sending emails on Fridays, which boast the highest open rate at just under 19%, according to Moosend. Try it out and watch your engagement soar!

Statistic 23: When you send a welcome email, you capture your audience's attention immediately. These emails have the highest open rate, with 50% of recipients eager to see what you have to say, according to Act-On.

Statistic 24: In the ecommerce world, 63% of customers are more likely to open your emails if they include a discount, according to MediaPost. So you can also use special offers to grab your customers attention and drive more sales.

Statistic 25: Did you know that 75% of marketers believe personalized email campaigns lead to higher click-through rates? According to Instapage, tailoring your emails to your audience can make a big difference.

Statistic 26: As per GetResponse, around 22% of email marketing campaigns get opened within the first hour after they’re sent. Timing is everything, so make sure your emails land when your audience is most likely to check their inboxes.

Statistic 27: When you’re sending emails, remember who it’s from matters the most. According to Mailjet, people are more likely to open emails if they recognize the sender. So, make sure your sender name stands out and is easily recognizable to increase your email open rates.

Statistic 28: You might be surprised to learn that sending two emails a month can actually increase your open rates. According to Techjury, companies that adopt this strategy tend to see higher engagement from their audience.

Statistic 29: When do you hit send? OptinMonster suggests that 8 a.m., 2 p.m., and 5 p.m. are the golden hours for email delivery. It’s when your audience is most likely to engage with their inbox.

Statistic 30: You’ll want to avoid sending emails between 5-6 p.m. That’s the worst time to hit send, according to Moosend. People are winding down from work, commuting home, or already engaged in evening activities, so your email might get lost in the rush. 

Statistic 31: When is the best day to hit send on your emails? According to OptinMonster, Tuesdays and Fridays are your golden days! People are most receptive to emails these days, making it prime time to connect with your audience.

Statistic 32: Did you know that 67% of B2B buyers and consumers set up a separate junk email account to steer clear of unwanted emails? By doing the same, you can keep your primary inbox organized and focus on the emails that matter most to you.

Statistic 33: Ever wondered why some emails get more clicks than others? B2B marketing emails have a 23% higher click-to-open ratio compared to B2C emails, according to Backlinko. So, if you're reaching out to other businesses, your emails are more likely to drive action.

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Statistic 34: When it comes to reaching out to B2B buyers, here’s something you might relate to: a whopping 77% prefer to be contacted via email, as found by Porch Group Media. So, if you’re looking to connect with potential clients, email is the way to go!

Statistic 35: You’ll be glad to know that B2B marketers have found new product announcement emails to be the most effective for getting clicks, as reported by HubSpot. So, next time you have something new to share, consider sending out an announcement email to engage your audience.

Statistic 36: Did you know that 81% of B2B marketers, just like you, rely on email newsletters as their primary form of content? According to the Content Marketing Institute, it’s a tried-and-true method to engage your audience effectively.

Statistic 37: When it comes to B2B emails, you’ll be pleased to know that the average open rate is a solid 15.1%, according to Moosend. So, keep crafting those engaging subject lines to captivate your audience!

Statistic 38: You can significantly boost your revenue by using automated emails. In fact, they can generate an impressive 320% more revenue compared to emails that aren’t automated, as reported by Campaign Monitor. It's time to let e-commerce automation work its magic for your business! 

Statistic 39: Imagine this, for every dollar you invest in email marketing, you get back a whopping 4,200%. That’s the incredible return on investment (ROI) that Luisa Zhou highlights. It’s like turning a small investment into a big success story!

Statistic 40: Have you ever clicked on a promotional email and ended up making a purchase? You’re not alone! According to OptinMonster, 60% of consumers have reported making a purchase because of a promotional email.

Statistic 41: Did you know that 51% of marketers believe that segmenting is one of the most effective email marketing strategies, according to Instapage? By segmenting your email list, you can target your audience more effectively and increase engagement with personalized content that resonates with them.

Statistic 42: You’ll be glad to know that the average unsubscribe rate in 2022 was just 0.1%, according to Campaign Monitor. This shows that by delivering valuable content, you can keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

Statistic 43: When you invest a dollar in email marketing, you’re not just spending money, you’re making a smart investment. Expect a return of approximately $40 for every dollar you spend, according to Omnisend. That’s a return you can count on!

Statistic 44: In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, every interaction matters. Did you know that 23% of consumers who check an email on their mobile device will revisit it later? This insight from Campaign Monitor highlights the importance of mobile email engagement for businesses in the ecommerce sector.

Statistic 45: Did you know that 44% of businesses, just like yours, utilize email marketing as a key digital marketing strategy? According to Gartner, it’s a proven method to boost your brand’s visibility and engage with your audience effectively. 

Statistic 46: When you optimize your email marketing campaigns for mobile responsiveness, you can increase your mobile clicks by 15%. That means more people engaging with your emails on the go, thanks to MailChimp's insights.

Statistic 47: You might be surprised to know that 36% of retailers, just like you, allocate more than 11% of their digital marketing budget specifically to email marketing, as reported by Digital Commerce 360. It’s a strategic move to prioritize this effective channel for reaching customers.

Statistic 48: Did you know? Ecommerce emails have an outstanding deliverability rate of 96%, as reported by Netcore Cloud. This means your messages are highly likely to land directly in your audience's inbox, ensuring they see what you have to offer!

Statistic 49: When it comes to budgeting for marketing, you might be surprised to learn that over half of the top 1000 online retailers invest between 0.1% and 20% of their budget in email marketing. It’s a strategy that many successful businesses rely on, finding the sweet spot between cost-effectiveness and impactful outreach.

Statistic 50: Did you know that 83.7% of the top 1,000 online retailers prefer email to connect with their customers? It’s a strategy they’ve found effective in keeping their customers engaged and informed. You can do the same to strengthen your relationship with your audience.

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Statistic 51: Here is another surprising statistic: 57% of consumers prefer using email as their primary method of contact before making a purchase. It’s a trusted tool for staying informed and making confident buying decisions, according to DMA.

Statistic 52: On average, ecommerce businesses like yours send out about 11 email marketing campaigns each month, as reported by Netcore Cloud. It’s a common strategy to keep your audience engaged and informed about your latest products and offers.

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