🛒 WhatsApp Product Order

Effortlessly handle your WhatsApp E-commerce orders in Zixflow using our customizable template. Whenever a new product is sold or requested through the WhatsApp cart, the order will automatically appear here. Don't forget to link it in the WhatsApp settings for seamless management.

Unlock the perfect List template for every situation and use case

What's Included

Our template includes all order details, including customer information for each purchase. Essential fields like product name, price, quantity, and order date are already integrated. The highly customizable template can be used as a list and Kanban view for convenient order management in Zixflow.

How to use it

This template is designed for WhatsApp Integration. Begin by connecting your WhatsApp number in Zixflow. Follow the steps to link the catalog with your WhatsApp number: go to Campaign > Manage > WhatsApp > Manage > Open Setting > WhatsApp Catalogue.

After adding all settings, in the final step, link the list and save the settings. Your new orders will now flow seamlessly into Zixflow. Happy Selling!

You can create multiple views based on your requirements. By default, we have a Kanban view set up according to order status. This allows you to track the status of each order and see at which stage each order is currently.

You have the freedom to customize the table view and enhance the list as you wish. Zixflow is highly dynamic in this aspect.

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