📘 Employees Directory

Your organization is only as strong as its people. This Employee Directory template is specially designed to help you store and organize all the essential information on your people. You can also save all the essential employee data, such as contact information, and add as many custom fields as you like to include whatever is useful for your team: birthdays, favorite food, names of pets, and anything else.

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What's Included

This template provides you with an overview of your new hires and existing employees, and manage their onboarding process.

The "All Employees" View lets you get a holistic picture of your company's employees from a single location.

The "Team Directory" View enables you to segment your employees based on the department they are working in.

The "Onboarding List" View allows you to see how many employees are currently in the onboarding phase in a table form.

The "Onboarding Process" View lets you monitor which stage a new hire is in, and you can easily move them to the next stage once they complete the previous one.

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