All Email Sync

All Email Sync

Connect any email to Zixflow with ease and communicate with your prospects and customers without having to leave the dashboard.

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About All Email Sync Integration

It's essential to keep communicating with your clients, when using multiple tools to do this simple task we made it better by bringing it into one place. Sync any email from any email providers now to Zixflow platform and start sending your emails to your prospects or customers with ease. Integrations for Gmail is here and Outlook here.

Send your emails without leaving Zixflow now using the email sync function. You also get powerful tools like email open tracking, custom templates and signatures. Enjoy the convenience of writing and sending emails directly from your Zixflowaccount in lead, deal and contact detail views.

Emails you’ve sent and received are also connected and displayed in leads, deal and contact detail views, so all communication with your customers is neatly organized and easily accessible. Save yourself typing and re-typing by creating email templates and signatures. Feel free to check the documents on how to integrate.

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