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Reach global customers

Send automated, media-rich WhatsApp messages at every customer stage. Share exclusive offers, gain trust with the Green Tick, and charm with personalized greetings.

Expand your reach

Contact lists, segments, and tags

Segment, tag, and broadcast with ease on our WhatsApp platform. Boost engagement with targeted campaigns for promotions, marketing, and sales.

A centralized Inbox

Simplify customer service! Access and respond to all WhatsApp messages in one unified inbox for swift support.

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Automated messaging

Drive engagement with timely WhatsApp messages. Use Workflow Automation or Cadence for targeted messages in every stage of the sales funnel.

Automate messaging

Achieve more with API

Send personalized messages at scale with our WhatsApp API. One API for WhatsApp, SMS, and Email notifications—ideal for OTPs and service delivery messages.

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Consolidate tools Cut costs

No need to worry about a dozen different tools. Zixflow is your one-stop shop for all your needs.

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Reach out to customers worldwide on-the-go with Zixflow’s SMS platform

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Send tailored emails in bulk with Zixflow’s email marketing platform.

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You can access and reply to all your messages from our unified inbox.

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Quality data security

We handle every security and privacy measure seriously, and our servers are hosted in world-class data centers.

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Leading privacy measures

Zixflow features end-to-end encryption, passwordless authentication, and login audit logs to ensure maximum security.

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Peak performance

Use Zixflow for promotional campaigns or integrate our API and reach millions with a click.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support or sales team.

What is WhatsApp Cloud API?

WhatsApp Cloud API is a cloud-hosted version for businesses officially provided by Meta. It allows you to use WhatsApp in the cloud to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of customers at a time. Unlike WhatsApp Business App which allows you to send only 256 messages at a time, WhatsApp Cloud API lets you send personalized WhatsApp messages at scale to your audience.

How much time does it take to set up the WhatsApp Cloud API?

Using the Zixflow WhatsApp platform with the WhatsApp Cloud API you can claim your WhatsApp API access directly from Meta and get it up and running in less than 15 minutes. Take a look at our help docs to learn how to set up the WhatsApp Cloud API and integrate it with Zixflow.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Cloud API and WhatsApp Business API?

One main difference between WhatsApp Cloud API and WhatsApp Business API is that the former is hosted on Meta’s cloud servers while the latter is hosted on the server of an official WhatsApp Partner.

With Cloud API, you don’t have to rely on the partner’s servers, eliminating the setup or maintenance costs as it removes the middleman from between.

Why do I need Zixflow if Meta is providing direct access to the WhatsApp Cloud API?

Although Meta provides direct access to WhatsApp Cloud API, it doesn’t offer any frontend platform to deploy that API for your business. Zixflow allows you to deploy WhatsApp Cloud API in the easy-to-use dashboard and start sending WhatsApp messages for all sorts of business campaigns.

I am already using WhatsApp Business API. Can I move to WhatsApp Cloud API?

Yes. We highly recommend shifting from WhatsApp Business API to WhatsApp Cloud API. By upgrading to Cloud API, you can stop paying monthly recurring costs to the middleman and get direct access to the WhatsApp API from Meta. Cloud-version of API charges you based on a pay-per-use model, making it much cheaper compared to API from WhatsApp Business Partners.

Besides huge savings in cost, you get confidentiality and scalability directly from Facebook because Cloud API is hosted on Meta’s servers, unlike Business API which is hosted on third-party servers. Cloud API comes with 99.9% uptime, ensuring better service.

Is WhatsApp Cloud API free?

WhatsApp doesn’t charge a fee to create an API account, for hosting servers, or maintenance costs for accessing its API. However, you need to pay a fee for each message sent using WhatsApp Cloud API. Zixflow also follows the same pay-as-you-need model where you just have to pay for the messages you send and not a monthly subscription.

The charge for each message varies depending on the type of message and the country of the recipient. To learn more about WhatsApp API Pricing, refer to Meta’s Conversation-Based Pricing.

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